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Praying For Your Pastor

How To Pray For Your Pastor

By Dr. Reiland

Monday: Pray for your pastor’s family.

   God’s peace and protection

   A growing love relationship with his wife

   A commitment to quality and quantity time together

Tuesday: Pray for wisdom for your pastor.

   The mind of Christ

   Godly decision making

   Understanding of biblical truth

Wednesday: Pray for your pastor’s ministry focus.

   Clear vision

   Commitment to biblical priorities

   Remain true to his God-given gifts and strengths

Thursday: Pray for your pastor’s health.

   Protection of his body and mind

   An extra portion of stamina and strength

   Commitment to stress-releasing activity

Friday: Pray for your pastor’s spiritual growth.

   A heart for God and the lost

   Fresh biblical insights

   Personal devotions not related to sermon preparation

Saturday: Pray for your pastor’s purity.

   Pure motives

   Pure thought life and faithfulness to his wife

   Pure commitment to complete integrity

Sunday: Pray for God’s anointing on your pastor.

    Strength in his leadership

   Passion in his preaching

   Fruit and joy in his ministry   


Dear Pastor Dotson,I was so happy to hear about your church today from one of your mmebers, Keith Copeland. I am from Maryville, TN, and my wife from Corby, Northamptonshire. We met while I was in Kettering on a church-planting trip in 2005. Now after almost three years of marriage our church is sending us back to England permanently as church planting missionaries. We are just starting deputation to raise our support, so it will be about two years before we are settled there, but it would be an honor to meet you one day. Brother Copeland heard us speaking about the needs in England on FBN Radio and called us with an encouraging word. He told us that you have been in England for 25 years and are originally from Georgia. We are thankful to hear about another good church in England, and pray that the Lord blesses your labour in the Lord.
Got it! Thanks a lot again for helinpg me out!
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