Here is where you can give financially to Calvary Baptist Church. You can set up a regular giving schedule through Kindrid by setting up a Kindrid account. You can give to special events like Night to Shine or Operation Bradford Child. There are several to choose from or you can simply give to the regular operating funds. If you choose to give through this URL, we want to express our thanks for your gift.
Bible Sprout
Visit this website and study some basic Bible doctrines that will help you to grow in your walk with God and your understanding of His Word.
Blue Letter Bible
Use this site to dig a little deeper into the Word of God using the Hebrew and Greek languages of the Bible.
Clifton Jansky
Keep up with Bro. Clifton and his ministry at this website.
Concho Valley Baptist Association
This is our local Baptist Association with which we are a part of and team up with to do ministry. You can find out what is going on with our local Southern Baptist churches here.
This is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes website. We support this organization on a monthly basis.
House of Faith
This is a ministry to neighborhood kids that we have been involved with through the years. It is a great outreach ministry.
Insights for Living
Listen to the sound preaching of the Word of God from Chuck Swindoll.
Jews for Jesus
Learn about this organization and see what the are doing to reach fellow Jews with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Malcom Ellis Ministries
This is the home page for Bro. Malcom. You can listen to some of his sermons at this site as well.
Plugged In
Get up to date reviews of movies that are out from a Christian viewpoint before you go see something you know a Christian should not go see.
Precept Austin
This is a great website for indepth Bible study for those who really want to dig. There is a lot of information here.
Turning Point
Listen to the sound preaching of David Jeremiah at this website.
  June 2021  
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